Sunday Snaps

Sunday Snaps: February 26, 2017

What a gorgeous week we just had! It ended a little colder than it started, but it’s hard to complain about a string of 70-80° days in February. Plus, we leave for Texas on Tuesday, so I get to continue enjoying some nice weather for at least another week! Woo hoo!

While not a whole lot happened over the last week, the beautiful weather managed coax me and my camera out of our winter hibernation and we took some great pictures around the farm. The dogs had a great time running and playing in the warm sunshine, the goats rediscovered fresh green grass, and the chickens were just busy doing whatever it is chickens do! It’s safe to say we are all very ready for summer, but it’s February in Illinois, so I’m sure we have at least one more good snow storm ahead of us before it warms up for good. (Let’s hope not though!)


William moved the goats back onto the pasture. They love roaming around and eating fresh grass. However, we will continue to provide them with hay until the pasture is fully green.



There’s a spot in our driveway that always holds water after it rains. Penny loves to roll and play in it. Houston and Barley just enjoy a good drink. All that running around is hard work!




Aren’t our goats just the most photogenic animals you’ve ever seen?



I love to take pictures of our animals, but Friday night I turned my focus to people. Each year we go curling with our Young Leader group, and since curling isn’t really my forte, I opted to stay behind the camera this year. We were so excited to have nearly 35 Young Leaders and friends from Lee, LaSalle, and Bureau counties turn out for the event. Members of the Waltham Curling Club in Triumph gave a quick lesson in curling, then everyone had a great time playing. It’s easy to see why William and I love being in Young Leaders. Along with the informational meetings and conferences we get to attend, we are also meeting new friends and having a great time along the way!


It was Tommy and Emma’s first time curling, but they did great! Tommy looks like a natural!


Kaylee is the District 5 Representative on the IFB Young Leader Committee. We met in the ALOT program last year, and it’s been great having her as a new friend. She has dubbed herself a bit of a “Farm Bureau Nerd,” and I’m pretty sure I’m right there with her!


This was William’s 4th time curling, and he takes it pretty seriously. So seriously, that his theme song for the night was “Curling Queen,” sung to the tune of Abba’s “Dancing Queen.” Oh yeah, he made up new words and everything! He’s something else.
Mrs. Heth has been curling at the Waltham Curling Club for 5 years. She was my art teacher in grades K-5 and 9-12, so we’ve kind of known each other forever! It’s fun to watch her outside of the art room, sharing another passion with us.
Jeremy is the new District 4 IFB Young Leader Representative. We’re looking forward to working closely with him over the next few years, and hopefully putting together a lot more District outings!




Finally, I thought I’d leave you with an update on Mrs. Pots and Chip. They are 25 days old and doing amazing! They are getting so big! Below I have some side by side comparisons of their size. The first picture was the day they were born. The middle picture shows them at 1 1/2 weeks. The last picture shows them today. My, how they’ve grown!


It won’t be long before I can’t hold them anymore, so I’m going to keep getting as many spotted snuggles as possible while I still can!

Here’s to another great week! We will be pretty busy in Texas, but I hope to have many more pictures to share next Sunday!

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  1. Your babies are adorable, Grace. I’ll have to see if I can get William to sing his curling song. I am sending him home with a magazine that has an entire section devoted to Waco and Magnolia. Have fun in Texas.

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