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Sunday Snaps: February 4, 2018

Happy Superbowl Sunday! For some, today is a day full of food, friends, and football. For me, it’s more about sweatpants and napping until the Halftime Show. My dogs and I have even taken to calling it Snooze-per-bowl Sunday. I’m just not a big sports fan, ok? I can’t even confidently tell you what teams are playing today. Eagles and Patriots, maybe? Meh- doesn’t matter to me. I’ll decide what team I want to win when I see who has the prettier uniforms.

Anyway, we are 7 litters into farrowing season and newborn piglets are way better than football in my opinion, so it’s time for some Sunday Snaps. We have had Hampshire, Yorkshire, Hereford, and Crossbred litters so far, and we are impatiently waiting on some Spots. But no matter the breed, they all seem to love the camera! Here are a few of my favorite snaps so far this farrowing season.

Just like humans, piglets are always fighting with their siblings for attention!


This little guy is cute and he knows it! Gotta love when they give a little smile!


It never ceases to amaze me how piglets can get up right away and begin nursing. The colostrum produced by the sow in the first 24-48 hours after farrowing is packed with nutrients that help her piglets get the best possible start to life.
This pretty lady was 3 months, 3 weeks, and 3 days pregnant, and still looking fabulous when I took this picture. She farrowed later that night.



This is quite possibly my favorite picture ever! I love those little pink noses!



I just can’t get enough of these snuggly little piglets. Which photo is your favorite? It’s hard to pick just one! Be sure to stay tuned in the next few weeks. We’ve got Spotted Sunday Snaps coming soon!

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