The Funny Farm

The Funny Farm. AKA our home. We are so lucky to be surrounded by livestock here at the farm. Prior to meeting me, William raised pigs and his Labrador sidekick Penny. Together we now love and care for a multitude of pigs, goats, chickens, ducks, dogs, and cats. A friend also keeps his cattle here in the winter. Of course, some livestock must come and go, but we will forever cherish the time we get with these beloved animals!

This is Marshmallow. She is by far the most photogenic of all of our sows. To be honest, I usually can’t tell the difference among all of the pigs. We have Yorkshires (all white, like Marshmallow), Hampshires (black with a white belt), one Duroc (reddish-brown all over), and multiple Crossbred pigs.
Our goats don’t have names, but I love this picture because it looks like she is smiling at the camera. That little kid to the left of her is her daughter. She’s a twin, but it’s hard to get goat kids to sit still for pictures!
Louise is the queen of the farm. Barn cats tend to come and go, but she seems to love it here! And she has given us many beautiful kittens! Currently, we have 4 cats and 5 kittens.
You will most likely never see a picture of all 6 of my layer hens. Let me tell you, they can move pretty fast for having little legs. These sassy ladies bless us with farm fresh eggs every day.
Some of my AITC teachers hatch eggs in their classrooms. These cute little babes were just born a few weeks ago. Naturally, I offered to take them in. Our flock of 6 has now grown to 15.
Eight cows live here too!
I adore my ducklings! Ducks are very playful, but get easily spooked when we walk in the coop.
This is Merd (short for Merdacapus). Growing up, every cat my Great Grandma Blanche ever had was named Merd. So I had to carry on the tradition. This pretty little girl will be having kittens any day now. I think I’ll call them all Merd too!
And of course I can’t leave out my fur babies. These three spoiled pups give us so much joy. This picture is a couple months old, but it’s my favorite! Penny is the Yellow Lab at the top. She is William’s number one girl. She’s 3. Barley is below her. He’s my high maintenance pup. He just turned 1 in February. And that handsome silver boy is Houston. He’s about 6 months. All three are super playful, and love the farm! They’re self-appointed pig herders!

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